Cause of the Quarter



Learn more about AAMHC here, or Make a donation through the NACE Austin Chapter today!

For Q2 we are supporting the Austin Area Mental Health Consumers, Inc.! They provide services at The Self-Help and Advocacy Center (The SHAC). "We are proud to report that we make a difference for people with lived experiences of mental health, substance use, and homelessness. Our members receive life affirming services, embrace RECOVERY and healthy living, become gainfully employed, and give back to their communities.  By utilizing different means to connect with our members (support groups, Peer Mentor Program, Return to Work Program, Computer Lab with Internet Access and Tutorials Resource for Mental Health Navigation, and SHAC SNACKS, to name a few), we find these options for recovery an healthy living effective."

 You can always make a donation during registration, or at any time this quarter by clicking here!


Next Quarter we'll be supporting Caritas of Austin

Caritas of Austin